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It’s not about how many tons we’ve moved or how many loads we’ve delivered or how many miles we’ve pounded the pavement.

It’s About People.


We have many talented employees—ready to work hard and play hard


We are a family-owned company with Midwestern values that provides third-party transportation services—for our customers and shippers alike.


We began in 1997 with the goal of servicing the bulk industry with reliability and integrity. Since then, we have grown exponentially and added more modes, but our core values have remained the same.


We are located in Lincoln, Nebraska, right in the heart of the Midwest. Where a person’s word matters. #nebraskathegoodlife


We handle your transportation needs so you can focus on your business.


We pride ourselves on being a leader in the transportation and logistics industry, providing vital services for Fortune 500 companies and independently owned businesses across America. We strive to be on the cutting edge of technology in order to enhance our customer service, benefit our carriers, and provide rewarding careers for our employees.

Whether you’re a customer looking for shipping solutions, a carrier looking for top-notch management, or a person seeking a rewarding career, you’ve come to the right place!


Challenge Accepted

Logistics is always moving forward, and so are we. We are relentless and don’t stop until we find a solution, responding to challenges with urgency and experience!

Performance Driven Culture

We are 100% invested in execution and each other. Our foundation is the respect we have for each other as professionals and knowing we can accomplish truly incredible things as a team! 

Success by Design

Logistics is difficult in a demanding world, and we take care of our people. We are confident that our talent, relationships with carriers, and respect for our customers’ businesses create situations where we all win!


Customer Sales

We aren’t just another freight vendor—rather, we are a freight broker who uses our extensive experience, knowledge, and industry-leading technology to optimize the supply chain in today’s challenging environment.

Reliant works closely with our customers to achieve mutually beneficial results. We want you to succeed! It’s what our Customer Sales Team is here for.

Give the Customer Sales Team a call today at (866) 525-6374.

71 Countries

Carrier Sales

Our Carrier Sales Team is responsible for finding quality, reliable carriers to haul freight across the country. We understand that drivers are the biggest asset to our company, and we provide support for carriers to maintain profitability and do what’s best for them. 

Our Carrier Sales Team has over 38 years of experience and is made up of former drivers as well as young, energized team members, all of whom are ready to learn your business.

Give the Carrier Sales Team a call today at (866) 525-6375.

68% of Our Team are from Nebraska
the rest hail from IA, MN, CA, PA, and PR.


Our Operations Team is the hub of Reliant Transportation, and we have our hand on each and every load from start to finish.

Because of our collective knowledge and skills, we are able to provide solutions and suggestions to our customers when issues arise, which is key in this industry. Our cutting-edge technology, combined with our commitment to one-on-one customer service ensures our operations flow smoothly from day to day.

Give the Operations Team a call today at (866) 525-6388.

Our pet family includes:

12 Dogs

18 Cats

1 Rabbit

Accounting & Admin

Our Accounting & Admin team is comprised of a variety of industry professionals, including our Director of Safety and Compliance, IT Director, Director of Carrier Services, Risk Management Director, and Business Analyst.

We work with every team in the office and are responsible for a variety of tasks, including onboarding carriers, our fuel discount network, customer onboarding, contracts, and recruitment. We also finalize every load that is hauled by Reliant carriers by billing our customers and paying our carriers. We also process payroll and provide management and financial reports.

Give the Accounting & Admin Team a call today at (866) 525-6394.



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