Rules For The Road

Here are a few simple rules, that we at Reliant Transportation feel will make OUR relationship stronger.  They are easy rules, but often they get glossed over. We implore you to read them, and help us, help you succeed. 

  1.  Carefully review and follow the instructions on your dispatch sheet from Reliant prior to delivery. Also follow all specific instructions given by Reliant Transportation and/or the customer (verbal or written) to avoid any service failures. If a shipper/receiver tells you to do something different than your dispatcher, let Reliant know immediately
  2. Load and deliver the product as scheduled. Comply with all applicable federal, state, local, or other laws, and facility rules. Call the origin and destinations to confirm load appointments prior to arriving at those locations.
  3. Empty the trailer completely at the destination. Carry PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) articles with you along with a broom and shovel to make sure you sweep the trailer clean! Shut traps before leaving. To avoid cross-contamination of loads, be honest about your previous haul/product. If a washout is required for a load, you must get one and have an authentic receipt.
  4. When a weight difference is larger than 200 pounds, we must be notified before you leave. Do not leave until the weight difference is resolved.
  5. Make sure that the origin and destination documents are correct and legibly signed by the driver and the receiver (to document proof of delivery) prior to leaving the destination. We cannot pay for loads without valid proof of delivery documentation. Visit our Carrier Payment Procedures page for more information. 
  6. Write pay numbers on everything you send in, and please do not write the rates directly on the tickets. Mail (or Transflo) originals of all shipping and receiving documents as soon as you can after completing the delivery.
  7. Status update calls need to be made to Reliant by 9 am.
  8. If there are any problems, breakdowns, changes in ETA, etc., contact Reliant immediately.
  9. If you receive any text messages or cell phone calls from Reliant Transportation, pull over and stop before responding. Please no texting and driving.
  10. Our customers expect professionalism and politeness. If a situation arises at a facility, do not argue or confront the people there. Call your dispatcher or Reliant Transportation representative so we can help to resolve the issue. This is best for everyone long-term. When hauling for Reliant Transportation, you are representing not only yourself and your company, but also Reliant Transportation.