Carrier Ticket Guidelines

In order for Reliant to process your payments in an accurate and efficient manner, please read the points outlined below.  Following these guidelines will help us process your payments quickly and reduces the chance of errors.  Payment delays may result if these guidelines are not followed or information is missing.



–  Reliant order numbers must be included for each load and set of tickets submitted, no matter which method is used!

–  Loads will not be settled until legible tickets are received.

–  Do not write the pay rates on any tickets.

–  Do not trace over the weights on the tickets to make them more legible.

–  Remember to obtain proof of delivery signatures when required.

–  All potential detention situations must be presented to Reliant as it is occurring, and tickets must be submitted to Reliant within 48 hours of unloading. While this does not guarantee detention, absolutely no detention will be paid if Reliant is not notified while onsite at the facility. Contact our Reliant Transportation Operations Department for more information.

–  In the event of a weight loss over 200 pounds, coordinate with your Reliant dispatcher prior to submitting your tickets.


TRANSFLO – This is no longer a fee service, so you are no longer charged to send tickets to Reliant through Transflo.  Contact us for instructions and other information on how to get set up! 

–  The cover sheet (obtained from Reliant) should be the first page included.

–  Only one order per transmission.

–  Only one ticket per page.

–  Depending on the commodity hauled and customer requirements, original tickets may need to be mailed in.

(If a clerk at the fuel stop is submitting the tickets, please remind them of these guidelines.)


EMAIL – The Reliant e-mail address for submitting tickets is:

–  Scan tickets in black and white or grayscale, for best image quality.

–  Save and submit tickets as a pdf document.

–  Review the quality of the scanned tickets for clarity before submitting to Reliant – to ensure that the tickets are legible.

–  Images sent in using smart phones have caused several billing issues over the past few months, and will no longer be accepted.

–  Depending on the commodity hauled and customer requirements, original tickets may need to be mailed in.


MAIL – The Reliant address for tickets is:  PO Box 67009, Lincoln, NE 68506

–  Tickets must be organized by load, with order numbers on them.

–  Tickets sent in loose take additional time to settle and that will result in payment delays.


We appreciate your efforts in making the ticket processing more efficient and accurate.  Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have.