A Day At Reliant Transportation

A day at Reliant Transportation promises both excitement and challenges; a chance to put your analytic skills and reasoning to the test. While the day-to-day processes are the same, the situations differ daily, offering a dynamic and fluid environment, and ensuring no two days are exactly alike.

The day begins in load visibility mode. This involves communication with all our drivers discussing their location, expected arrival times, any problems they’ve encountered, and (of course) how they are doing. Product visibility and arrival times are key to our relationship with our customers; planning and coordination with our carriers and their destinations are critical to our success.

After we ensure contact with every one of our drivers, we move into a planning and coordinating phase. We begin assigning carriers to locations with awaiting loads. There are many variables that are involved with this process, making it a complicated and complex task. Throughout this time we are also managing incoming loads from customers, frequently with little lead time for planning and execution. Our constant planning, tracking, and situation awareness help us to meet and rise above these challenges effectively.

Our day ends only after ensuring our carriers have all their loads for the following day, with their needs met, and all our customers’ issues have been resolved.

As you can see, a day at Reliant Transportation requires excellent communication and teamwork. We recognize these requirements and define ourselves by our ability to put these skills to work better than anyone else in our industry. Whether you are a customer or a carrier, when you make Reliant Transportation part of your supply chain, you can rest assured that we will focus on your transportation needs so that you can focus on everything else.