8 Aug 2013

Reliant Spotlight : Rob Knaak

Boxing Rob

Rob with the Eyes of the Tiger

Named after his father, our CFO/ Controller Rob Knaak was born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  Raised in Lincoln, Nebraska; Rob attended Lincoln Southeast, learned his trade as a CPA from Doane College, and has made his own way from there.

Growing up with his older sister Rob always hoped he’d grow up to be a professional baseball player. Idolizing George Brett he played baseball all through childhood, meeting his best friend playing baseball.  Rob continued playing baseball through high school and college, with a fastball in the low 90’s until he hurt his shoulder.  To this day Robs favorite sights, sounds and smells are the ones absorbed in a baseball stadium.  The smell of the assorted grilled items, stale beer and aged leather mixed with the crack of a wood bat hitting a baseball makes the ballpark a sanctuary for him.



Since college, Rob married his wife Kristi and has 3 boys who consume most of his free time.  From coaching baseball practices, basketball practices, and getting kids to and from games and gymnastics meets, Rob has his hands full.  He still tries to find free time to ride his bike on the trails around town or leisurely kayaking around the lake at a lake cabin with his family.  He enjoys fresh seafood (not the stuff you get in Nebraska) with a piece of Boston Cream Pie for desert.  Rob also has a pet horse that frequently takes him for walk.  So it is not an uncommon sight for him to be seen around his neighborhood being dragged behind their 3 year old Great Dane, Zena.

Even though his loyalty to Nebraska athletics is solid, his true heart lies with the Louisville Cardinals.  As a lifelong fan of everything that’s Cardinal Red, Rob makes sure you know where his allegiance lies, with bumper stickers, pictures in his office, cell phone covers, desktop backgrounds or hats that he wears daily to cover that large bald spot he calls his head.  Being bald is perfect for when they cast his life as a movie as he would be accurately portrayed by Rob Corddry, one of his favorite comedians.  Rob can also be heard frequently muttering obscure movie lines from “The Jerk” or “Bull Durham” in his office just to make himself laugh.

At Reliant Transportation Rob sees potential in people and finds fun in the constant challenge to improve.  He owes his success to his hard work and the dedication to being better every day.  He does not sweat the small stuff and actively tries to help everyone succeed.   If he does get stressed or overworked, he takes it out on the trails and makes that adventure so much sweeter.  As “Radio Free Europe” by R.E.M started to play Rob smiled slightly and added.  “I look for quality, depth and soul in everything I approach, be it people, music, art or tangible things.”  He paused.  “You just can’t half ass your way through life…


Robs Kids

The Boys

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