27 Jul 2013

Company Update: 2.0

As we at Reliant Transportation continue our efforts to reach new media and people in many different ways and capacities, we are excited to introduce several new initiatives that we plan to  implement in the coming few months. With these initiatives we hope to garnish all new sorts of increased feedback, better communications, individualized support, stronger friendships and a more cohesive community within our industry, and beyond.


–          Fuel Network  –

  • In the coming months, we plan on taking the Fuel Network to a whole new level and we want you to be as excited about it as we are! The savings we’ve seen from the first quarter (of 2013) has been better than anticipated and we want to share and promote that! Looking to social media outlets for help, we want to make the Reliant Fuel Passport a fun and easy way to help you save money. So keep your eyes peeled.


–          For Shutterbugs

  • We are very excited to roll out our new email address RoadPics@Reliant-transportation.com, a place where you can send your pictures from the road and we will share them. With two main objectives to start out, we just want to see your world.


  • America the Beautiful
    •  See something awesome? Snap a picture and  send it in, we’ll post it! Drivers pass gorgeous sites every single day; we want to see them too! Send your pics to us at RoadPics@Reliant-Transportation.com and we will show them off and brag about you. Eventually hoping to see pics from all across America we’ll keep track and let you know how progress is going. Just let us know City and State and we’ll put a pin in our map with your pictures.


  • Smile  –
    • The Smile plan is simple. See something funny, send it in, we love a good laugh too! Whether it’s a funny bumper sticker, a billboard that makes you smile or just a funny face breakfast that has seen a better morning. Share it! We’d love to see it and we will laugh together.


–          Newsletter  –

  • With something always happening in our office, we want you to be a part of it. We want to start sharing a monthly snapshot into what we’ve been up to every month. It will be loaded with photos, news and humorous thoughts from our past month of business.


–          More Social  –

  • We will be adding more social media platforms to reach new demographics and help our company to reach new heights. We’ll let you know more but there are several other outlets where we want to be in the near future. For both Reliant Transportation and the Fuel Passport


–          You  –

  • Lastly and most importantly… YOU. We want you to be a large part of our future. Through the course of our evolution, we want you to help out. Comment & Share with your friends and family, but mostly we want your feedback, your opinions and ideas. We wouldn’t be here without you, so we want your help to keep us moving in the right direction. Drop us a line, give us a call. We can be reached anytime and we want to hear more from you.


Ask me questions: Im here to help.



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