18 Jul 2013


Photo By : Nate Mares

The supply chain of the American Transportation System is a complex and intertwined tapestry that depends on every woven thread to maintain its structure, to complete the final masterpiece.  Regardless of color, location or proximity to the focal point, every stitch is important. Every knot is tasked with holding the integrity of the whole adornment; if one piece were to fail, the entire masterpiece would simply crumble. There is no difference when it comes to your supply chain.  Your job, your livelihood and most of all, your success, depends upon the team of partners you choose to complete your masterpiece.

Like in the tapestry, all colors need to complement one another, so should your strategic partnerships. Your values and your morals must be exemplified by the companies to whom you entrust your success.  Regardless of the past performance or personal relationships you have developed, the question still remains: Do you trust your partners to complete your masterpiece?

There isn’t one correct answer to this question, the best you can do is calculate the risks and lower your potential of failures.  When it comes to my business I look at several different variables and make an educated decision about who belongs in my supply chain.  I look at every piece individually and ask myself four questions based on what I know about that company.

~ How long have they been in business?

~ Has the company ever changed names?

~ Do they have a lot of employee turnover?

~ Do they have industry accredited brokers?

With these four simple questions, I can learn everything I need to know about whether someone belongs in my supply chain.  After my initial investigation the answer becomes clear quite quickly.

Any artist will tell you that the greatness of any work of art is the sum of the colors aligning together to complete the whole picture.  Your success depends on your team, the whole completed picture; your team’s success depends on all the individual colors working together.


-Let’s Keep Moving Forward Together-

-Steve Miller-

Ceo & Founder of Reliant Transportation

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