11 Jul 2013

Reliant Spotlight: Steve Miller

Meet Steve Miller, The Man behind the Business

It has been 17 years since our CEO and Founder came up with the idea for Reliant Transportation. He started the company from the ground up and has been watching his creation grow and come together around him.

Steve was born and raised in the great state of Nebraska, where he was instilled with the drive and hard work that continues to guide him still today. Steve bleeds Husker Red. As an avid fan of the college, Steve can be seen in many arenas throughout the year cheering on the Scarlet and Cream to victory. With fond memories of the University and the doors it opened, and continues to open, for the future, he now diligently serves on two advisory boards for the University. It is the fond memories and continued support that keeps him singing “There is No Place like Nebraska”. Emblazoned in Husker Red, Steve is always looking for the next opportunity to help out the University of Nebraska.

Steve married his wife of 29 years in college and has two kids, whom both graduated from the University of Nebraska.  He resides here in Lincoln, within walking distance of the office where he oversees the day-to-day operations of Reliant Transportation.  Steve enjoys spending time with his two dogs, Molly and Teddy. He can be found in his free time hanging out and relaxing at home, either playing with the dogs or reading a new book.  As an avid reader, he loves a cozy English murder mystery as well as books on health and leadership. Steve makes it a point to devour approximately 70 books per year, right now “Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking” by Malcolm Gladwell; who knows what may be up next!

With his love of college football and a hatred of household chores, Steve finds peace in the little things. His favorite ice cream is the kind you eat with a spoon and his favorite meal is the one he just finished. For breakfast, Steve loves a bowl of granola or an egg or two, over medium. And when asked if he would ever sky dive, a very curt “Hell No” was all that was uttered.

As his desktop slowly revolves through a wide spectrum of past family vacation photos, Steve is anxiously awaiting his next trip abroad. Later this year he and his whole family will be jetting off to tour the German countryside for nearly three weeks. He has passed the reins of planning off to his kids and is just along for the ride this time. Although excited for the fresh, home-brewed German beers and the scenic expanses Germany has to offer, Steve is most excited about playing cards, relaxing and leaving his cell phone behind for a few days.

As he sits in his favorite Reliant blue polo, Steve contemplates what he has created with Reliant Transportation. “I really think we make a difference.” he says. “It’s great people to work with. When you know your group really cares about the carriers and the customers, there is nothing better.” His greatest wish for the future is that when people stop and think about him, they believe he left the world a better place than he found it.


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