2 Jul 2013

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 Teamwork is critical to success at work, in school, and in sports.  A Team is only as effective as its weakest player, and everyone can improve on how they work in a Team.  It doesn’t matter if you are the most talented person, a leader on your Team, or just the average person; everyone contributes to how effective a Team is.

Some of my best experiences in life have involved being on a Team and winning with those Teams, so I’ll use some baseball terms to describe six (6) areas to work on:

1.   Have Fun (“Play Like a Kid”) – People like to be around positive people, so try to enjoy what you are doing.  Make the decision every day to be positive and come to the Ballpark (or work) ready to have fun.  If you do, your Teammates will want to be around you; if not, they may want to avoid you.  Enjoy your teammates and don’t be afraid to “Play Like a Kid”!  It sounds simple, but it’s one of the best ways to be a better Teammate.

2.   Help Out (“Pick up Your Teammate”) – Teams that help each other will be more successful than far more talented Teams that don’t.  “Pick up Your Teammates” and help them out when they make a mistake; don’t be critical of them.  Make yourself available to help out whenever you can; that can only make your Teammate feel better!  Go out of your way to tell Teammates when they do well; it’s always good to hear positive news!

3.   Be Energetic (“Hustle”) – Act with energy and “Hustle”!  Even if you aren’t the most talented Teammate, you can always help your team by hustling.  Being energetic can bring everyone up around you and improves the Team’s chances of winning!

4.   Listen (“Be Coachable”) – Try listening instead of talking and you will learn a lot.  You will earn respect from those around you and learn a lot about your Team just by listening to others.  Appreciate feedback from other people and focus on the message instead of individual words; people are trying to help you!  “Be Coachable”; if you don’t listen, you won’t learn, and your Teammates won’t respect you.

5.   Do It Right (“Carry Your Gear”) – A Team has many different roles and everyone has a role to play.  Be honest with your Teammates and don’t make up excuses when things don’t go your way and do what you say you’ll do.  “Carry Your Gear” so others don’t have to.  Put in your best effort every day; your Teammates deserve your best effort and you should want to exceed their expectations!

6.   Self-Development (“Throw on Your Own”) – Talent and skill comes with effort and practice.  Every little bit of practice on your own will help you to develop and improve skills.  Come early and stay a few minutes late to “Throw on Your Own”.  Ask one of your Teammates to meet to work on something you might be struggling with.  Making the time to work on those extra things will make you a better Teammate.

Take the time to focus on each of these things every day, and you will enjoy working with your Teammates more and more each day.  If you put in the effort and want to be successful, these are important tips that will help you get there.  Having energy and a positive attitude will result in more success for you and for your Team.


Why wouldn’t you want to?

– Rob Knaak

 CFO / Controller

Reliant Transportation

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