27 Jun 2013

The Butterfly Effect: Your Future, Our World

The Butterfly Effect is far more than a principle of science fiction & time travel novels, or even a mediocre Ashton Kutcher movie. When you really break it down, it’s a new way of thinking and seeing the world. The Butterfly Effect refers to a principle in which the slightest change in our past could change the course of our entire timeline. The idea was first mentioned by Edward Lorenz in reference to his hypothesis that a single butterfly could change the course of a hurricane by flapping its wings in a different direction, weeks before the hurricane ever formed.

Taking that one step further, motivational speaker and author Andy Andrews hypothesizes that if we live like we know the effect of our actions, we can knowingly change the course of personal “hurricanes”. He talks about his theories in his book, apply named “The Butterfly Effect: How Your Life Matters”.

I had the pleasure of listening to Andy speak earlier this year and his message really struck home. He said that the decisions we make and the way we treat others has more impact than we may ever realize, not only in our lives but also the lives of others. I have been thinking about this subject for a blog post for several weeks and have decided that this is the perfect place for me to start.

I got to really thinking about my business and the work we achieve here at Reliant Transportation on a daily basis. And the way I see it, our actions, our time and our efforts are spent helping to feed the world! We are an integral cog in the machine that is our industry. We supply the aggregate that helps pave the roads. We supply the salt that keeps the roads safe when they are icy and impassable. We supply the feed to feed yards, which supply beef to the world. Without Reliant Transportation, and everyone whose tireless efforts help us, we couldn’t help feed the world, we couldn’t succeed.

We offer logistic solutions to help our customers prosper and grow. We offer work at fair rates. We offer the tools to help our carriers run safely & efficiently to survive in this tough economic environment. For our team members, we challenge each one of them and assist them in continuing to learn and increase their skill sets. By doing this, we hope that they can achieve what they want out of life so as a team we can continue to offer our carriers and customers the services they need in an ever increasingly complex world.

If you ever have a chance to read Andy’s book or listen to him speak, I highly recommend doing so. He is an amazing public speaker who speaks with poise and humor. And his message is something we could all take to heart.


-Let’s Keep Moving Forward Together-

-Steve Miller-

Ceo & Founder of Reliant Transportation

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